Update Report: Construction & Demolition Waste - Soil & Stone Recovery / Disposal Capacity

The Regional Waste Management Planning Offices (RWMPOs) appointed RPS on behalf of the Eastern – Midlands, Connacht-Ulster and Southern Waste Management Planning Regions to quantify and analyse national capacity within the market for the management of soil and stone waste arisings , including hazardous, based on 2018 data. This report updates the Soil and Stone Recovery / Disposal Capacity report published in 2016. The report also documents data with respect to waste concrete and other CDW (construction &
demolition waste).

The report delivers a 10-year forecasting exercise predicting the volumes of soil and stone, concrete, and other
CDW generation.

With respect to soil and stone arisings, the report examines the national recovery and disposal outlets i.e. soil
recovery facilities, inert landfills and non-hazardous landfills. This allows for the estimation of currently
available and future capacity to meet market demand.


A pdf of the report can be accessed through the link below.

Construction & Demolition Waste Update Report 2020

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