Report: The Carbon Footprint of Waste - Ireland

Background:   ACR+ ‘More Circularity Less Carbon’

ACR+ is an international network of cities and regions sharing the aim of promoting a sustainable resource management and accelerating the transition towards a circular economy on their territories and beyond.  ACR+ has partnered with its member Zero Waste Scotland to launch the ‘More Circularity Less Carbon’ campaign in November 2019 to reduce the carbon impact of municipal waste among its members by 25 per cent by 2025.  Zero Waste Scotland’s Carbon Metric International (CMI) tool, developed from Scotland’s ground-breaking Carbon Metric, will enable ACR+ members to measure the carbon impact of their municipal waste, take effective actions to reduce it, and track their progress towards the 2025 target. 

This Report: The Carbon Footprint of Waste - Ireland

Ireland is one of ACR+ members that have benefited from this project and received support to use the CMI to quantify the whole-life carbon impacts of its municipal waste. The results are summarised in this report, which has three main objectives: 

  1. Enable Ireland to establish its 2025 carbon reduction target; 
  2. Provide a detailed breakdown of waste carbon impacts by materials and management process; and  
  3. Assess several carbon reduction scenarios that can help Brussel achieve its target. 

To view the report, please click on the pdf link below.