Smarter Recycling

Householders across the Southern Region are keen recyclers with each householder in 2014 placing a quarter of a tonne of Mixed Dry Recyclables in the recycling bin for kerbside collection.

Recycling is now an everyday activity so its important every now and again to refresh our memory about the Do's and Don'ts so we can all be smarter recyclers and not see our good effort going to waste through contamination.

Unfortunately 30% of waste collected in recycling bins is residual waste with items such as soiled packaging, nappies and food waste placed in the wrong bin.

Despite all the plastic packaging that is now a part of our every day life not all of it is recyclable - read our helpful guide to plastics here & familiarise yourself on the do's & don'ts so you can be a smarter recycler & not see your effort go to waste!



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